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Instagram Fan Features Program

Instagram Fan Features Program

Stand a chance to receive mystery gift from Nikon Malaysia!

All you need to do is:
1. TAKE a photo with Nikon camera and post it to Instagram. Remember to set your profile to public.

2. HASHTAG #NikonMalaysia and your camera model (eg. #D750, #D3500 etc) in your Instagram post.
3. FOLLOW @NikonMalaysia!

Multiple entries with different photo is welcome. Once your post is selected, you will receive comment from Nikon Malaysia official Instagram account.


Terms & Conditions:


a. Nikon (Malaysia) SdnBhd, a company registered in Malaysia, whose principal place of business is Lot 100.07.015, Block J, Level 7, 129 Offices, Jaya One,No.72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200
Petaling Jaya, Selangor (“Nikon”), is organizing a Nikon Malaysia Instagram Fan Features program (the “Fan Feature”). The purpose of the Fan Feature is for Instagram users who own
Nikon DSLR cameras (the “Participants”) to upload photographs on Instagram using the hashtag “#NikonMalaysia”, the hashtag for the theme of the month and/or any other hashtag that
may be designated by Nikon from time to time (collectively known as the “Hashtag”) for the purposes of participating in the Fan Feature (the “Photograph”).
b. The Fan Feature shall start on the date and at the time as stipulated in the relevant Instagram post(s) (the “Fan Feature Launch Date”), and shall terminate on the date and at the time as
stipulated in the relevant Instagram post(s) for the said Fan Feature (the “Fan Feature Termination Date”), which may be amended at the sole discretion of Nikon at any time without
further reference or notice to the Participants (the “Fan Feature Period”).
c. Each week during the Fan Feature Period, a panel of judges consisting of Nikon employees of Nikon’s choice and their independent digital agency (the ‘Panel’) will select Photographs from
Participants to be featured on Nikon’s digital social media Instagram page under the user name “NikonMalaysia” (the ‘Nikon Malaysia Instagram Page’). The decision of the Panel is final and
cannot be modified or contested.
d. This Fan Feature is open to participants worldwide.
e. Employees (or family members of employees) of any group company of Nikon, and/or companies associated with the Fan Feature and all affiliates of such companies may enter the
Fan Feature so long as they are not on the Panel.
f. The Fan Feature is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram.
g. Participants of the Fan Feature who are featured on the Nikon Malaysia Instagram Page are not guaranteed a prize or payment whether monetary or in kind.


a. In order to be eligible for the Fan Feature, the Participant must:
i. Have a valid and legally set up Instagram account;
ii. Have a public Instagram profile;
iii. Post on Instagram a Photograph with the Hashtag;
iv. Post the Photograph during the Fan Feature Period;
v. Show proof of ownership of the Photograph;
vi. Provide the Exchangeable Image File Data (“EXIF”) of the Photograph;
vii. Provide details of any forms of composition or post-processing;
viii. Consent to be bound by these terms and conditions which shall apply automatically upon Participant posting the Photograph for the Fan Feature on his/her Instagram profile, and which may be amended at the sole discretion of Nikon at any time without further reference or notice to the Participant;
ix. Consent to the Photograph being used by Nikon on the Nikon Malaysia Instagram Page;
x. Show proof that any recognisable persons have granted all necessary permission for the Photograph to be used and published by Nikon;
xi. Show proof that any logos or brand names in the Photograph have been granted all necessary permission to be used and published by Nikon; and
xii. Show proof that any works of art in the Photograph have been granted all necessary permission to be used and published by Nikon.
b. In addition, the Photograph must:
i. Be taken with a Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (“DSLR”) and NIKKOR lens (“lens”);
ii. Not contain any nudity, anything which may be considered obscene, immoral, illegal, political or inappropriate;
iii. Not contain any watermark, website, logo, trademark;
iv. Not be tampered with or composited in a way that is deemed misleading and/or dishonest; and
v. Not infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.
c. Each Participant will be entitled to share more than one Photograph.
d. Participants must submit the Photograph using their own Instagram account, and may not submit their Photograph through any agent or third party.
e. If the Panel has any grounds to suspect Participant of cheating, deception or fraudulent or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, Nikon reserves the right and sole discretion to disqualify
Participant and the Photograph from the Fan Feature and such other future Fan Features. Without limitation, such conduct may include use of multiple accounts controlled by the same


a. The Panel’s decision on the Photograph to feature is final, absolute and indisputable, and the Participant will have no claim in this regard.
b. Nikon will contact shortlisted Participants using the Instagram account’s name provided when submitting the Photograph, requesting for the corresponding information (the “Information”).
c. Each shortlisted Participant is obliged to provide the following Information to the email address
i. Full name as per NRIC or passport;
ii. Valid Email address;
iii. Original Photograph with a minimum resolution of 2048 x 1365;
iv. EXIF data of the Photograph; and
v. Any such other information as required by Nikon to verify the authenticity of the Photograph.
d. If the selected Participant does not provide all the Information as mentioned above, the selected Participant shall lose his/her entitlement to be featured on the Nikon Malaysia Instagram Page.


a. By entering this Fan Feature, Participant grants Nikon the exclusive right to publish the Photograph on the Nikon Malaysia Instagram Page and any or all of Nikon’s Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, YouTube, owned websites, promotional materials and the likes, online or otherwise (“Nikon Properties”) and that of Nikon’s affiliated companies, throughout the world and online
without any further remuneration and any further reference or notice to the Participant.
b. Given the nature of online content, Participants acknowledges that Photograph may be online perpetually. Participants agree that they shall not hold Nikon, their employees, officers, the
Panel, agents (including the digital agency) and contractors responsible or liable for any use of the Photograph by third parties.
c. Participants’ entry may be subject to moderation by the Panel. Nikon may edit, disqualify and/ or remove from Nikon Properties any material it considers to be in breach of the Terms and


a. For participation in the Fan Feature, the Participant acknowledges that his/her Instagram username will appear on the designated Nikon Properties along with the Photograph. The other
details provided by the Participant will only be used for contacting the selected Participant.
b. By entering the Fan Feature, the Participant agrees that his/her full name along with the Photograph may be release on any or all Nikon Properties. The Participant gives Nikon the right
to publish his/her name on Nikon Properties without separate consent or compensation (monetary or otherwise).
c. Nikon will use all reasonable efforts to maintain the Participant’s privacy and not disclose identifying details about Participant which are not authorised by law, except for details and public
information published by the Participant himself/ herself.
d. Nikon will use information the Participant provides for the purpose of administering this Fan Features, managing Fan Feature entries, and the publish of the selected Photograph as
described in these Terms and Conditions.
e. If the Participant believes that any information Nikon has about him/ her is incorrect or incomplete, the Participant shall immediately contact Nikon by email at Nikon will then correct or update any information as soon as practicable.
f. Nikon reserves the right to pass on the personal details associated with an entry that causes it concern to the relevant legal or other regulatory authority.
g. Participant shall be bound by Nikon privacy policy ( for further information about how Nikon collects, uses, and shares Participant’s personal information, which shall be incorporated by reference, and which may be amended at the sole discretion of Nikon at any time without further reference or notice to the Participants.
h. Participant consents (and confirm that he/ she has the consent of any other individual appearing in his/her Photograph) to the Nikon use of their personal information as detailed in these terms.


a. Nikon does not take responsibility for network, computer, hardware, or software malfunctions or failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of Participant’s
b. Participation in the Fan Feature shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant. Nikon shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or losses to the Participant and/or any third party
caused as a result of or in connection with the Photograph or the Fan Feature or for any other reason.
c. The Participant bears sole and full responsibility for any content they will share as part of the Fan Feature. Without limitation to the above, the Participant undertakes not to share any content
that includes negative and/ or slandering images of Nikon.
d. Nikon shall not be responsible for any technical malfunction related to Nikon Properties and its systems and does not guarantee that the services provided on the Fan Feature, in whole or in
part, will be provided without interruption and without error and will be immune from unauthorized access to Nikon’s computers or from malfunctions, damage or software issues,
hardware and communication lines of Nikon and/ or any of its supplies and/ or its representatives.
e. The Fan Feature and Nikon Properties activity may depend, among other things, on third parties. Nikon shall not be responsible for any actions or omissions of third parties (including the
digital agency) and will not be liable for any damage and/ or loss and/ or expense caused to the Participant and/ or any third party as a result of the foregoing.


a. Nikon reserves the right to modify, cancel, or discontinue any part of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification to the Participant.
b. Each term stated here is separate from each other. If any of these terms are found void or unenforceable by regulatory authority/law enforcing agency of Malaysia, that does not make the
other terms void, and the other terms shall remain enforceable.
c. The Participant agrees:
i. To co-operate with Nikon and take part in reasonable publicity for and on behalf of Nikon upon request;
ii. To allow Nikon to use his/her name and likeness for publicity purposes without additional remuneration;
iii. Not to make any reference to Nikon; in relation to this Fan Feature or use any of the Nikon trademarks without written approval
d. A Participant’s participation in the Fan Feature will be construed as an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If the Participant does not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions,
the Participant should not participate in the Fan Feature.
e. The governing law of these terms and conditions is Malaysia law, and all disputes shall be submitted to the Malaysia Courts.