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Terms and Condition

Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that rapid repair feature of the NPS is available for registered Nikon equipment only subject to Nikon's discretion.
  2. I understand that I will have to take full responsible for any equipment borrowed from Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  3. I understand that equipment on loan will be subjected to availability. Loan set will only be provided if the equipment cannot be repair within 3 working days. Loan set may be of different models subject to Nikon's discretion.
  4. I understand that equipment on loan is and shall remain the property of Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd. and the customer shall indemnify and pay Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd for any loss or damage to such equipment.
  5. I understand that only equipment registered with NPS will be eligible for privileges.
  6. Members should update Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd - NPS (MALAYSIA) of new equipment as soon as possible.
  7. I understand that NPS (MALAYSIA) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for NPS Membership.
  8. I further understand that NPS (MALAYSIA) reserves the rights to reject any application.
  9. I understand that application is strictly by mail only.
  10. I understand that NPS membership is only valid for 24 months from the date of approval - renewal is required upon expiration to continue enjoying NPS benefits.